• Douglas Photo
  • Fine Art Prints

    Fine Art prints are produced from digital files.  We can even create prints from your original art pieces (see our copy services).  At douglas photographic imaging we have the capability to print digital images up to 44" wide (by whatever length you may need or want). 

    Your Fine Art prints can be made on Lustre, Textured Fine Art or Canvas materials.  We use inks and materials that are compatible with current archival standards and include lacquer spray on each print.

Darkroom Rental

Our black & white darkroom rental room is available to members only for a yearly membership and hourly fee. 

Black & White printing

We have one room dedicated to black & white paper processing only. Use of an enlarger, lenses, negative carrier, grain focus tube, easel, dodging and
burning instruments, timer and chemicals are included.

The Darkroom is open:

Monday thru Thursday
8:30am to 6:00pm

8:30am to 5:30pm

 Price List