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douglas photographic imaging

Douglas Photographic Imaging has been professionally processing color and black-and-white film and prints along with a full range of imaging services for over 40 years. Take a look around for a complete description of our photofinishing services.

For digital work, look no further. Our lab offers both PC and Macintosh platforms. With the ability to scan, retouch, and output an image in either negative, transparency or print, we can do it all.

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In our lab we provide a wide array of services. We offer custom color and black and white prints of any size up to 4'x10'.  Machine prints can be produced from negatives, transparencies or digital images in both color and black & white. Douglas Photographic Imaging also provides film processing for C-41, E6 / Ektachrome and Black and White from 35mm to 8" x 10", copy work, and duratrans production.

We offer mounting and laminating services. Many different types of laminations and substrates for mounting.


Darkroom Rentals are available for the novice to expert who wants to come in and make that special print just the way they like it.

These are just a few examples of what DPI can do for you. Please feel free to browse through our Departments  to see all the other services we have to offer.

Welcome to Douglas Photographic!

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