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Contact Prints and Proof Sheets

Contact and Proof Sheets (Analog or Digital)

Negatives are printed to an average density and contrast and good color density on resin-coated paper. 

Black and White or Color Negatives

9½" X 11" $8.25

From Digital Images

Up to 30 images per sheet - 8" X 9" $5.00
Up to 18 images per sheet - 5" X 9" $2.50

Custom Proof Sheets 

Images are printed to either your size specifications (i.e. you could select 1 x 1½ or 2 x 3 or any variation that fits your image proportions), or number of images per page, on the proof sheet size you select.  These sheets can be generated directly from your digital media (Flash Drive, CD, DVD, Thumb drive, External Hard Drive, etc.).  Images are not corrected and from jpg or tif formats only.  

Custom Proof Sheets can also include your name and phone number across the top of the sheets (with or without the © symbol) for $5.00 per order.  Image file name will be beneath each image.

8 x 10 $8.25
8 x 12 $9.00
11 x 14 $30.70
16 x 20 $44.00