Copy Services
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All copy negatives are polarized when necessary to reduce glare and surface texture. We can provide a gray scale and/or color control patch (where room permits). Copies can be made from images of any size. The prices below are from originals up to 30 x 40. The price is doubled for originals up to 40 x 60. Larger sizes are by quote only.
Black & White / Color Negatives Copy Slides / Transparencies
35mm $8.75
4 x 5 20.85
5 x 7 30.80
8 x 10 42.90
Copy Slides
*35mm $10.65
35mm duplicates
from same image
4.75 each
4 x 5 38.50
8 x 10 82.50

*Minimum: $30.00 
Duplicate Transparencies Duplicate Slides
We can make a duplicate of an original transparency @ 4 x 5 to 8 x 10 size.  Call for prices Duplicate slides are duplicated from your 35mm original. Slight cropping is a standard procedure.

If the full image or tighter cropping is specially requested, a special handling fee of $1.00 per slide is charged. Some quantities may require extra time. 
1 2+
$ 4.75 $ 3.25
Minimum fee $ 30.00
35mm Slides from Digital Images Typesetting
We can create 35mm slides from your Digital Images and PowerPoint Presentations
1st Slide Price: $15.15 each (includes print)
Duplicates: $4.75 each
Minimum fee $30.00
Let us set your type for you. A wide variety of type styles are available. When ordering, please submit typewritten copy. Indicate type style, caps and positioning.
Per Word
$ .40.
Minimum fee $ 10.00
Additional Services Digital copy of artwork for reproduction.
Silver taping slides $ 2.50 each
Collating .11 each
Glass Mounting 5.00 each
Tray loading 8.25 per tray
Plastic page insertion 3.85 each page (includes archival page)
*Minimum Order Fee $2.50
Copy fee $  85.00
reproduction quality file, no guide print provided.
Copy fee $ 125.00
reproduction quality file, with guide print.
CD fee $  10.00
jpg or TIFF files in RGB