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Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017
File icon 4-2017 BCCW NEWSLETTER APRIL 1.pdf
Size: 6 MB
British Car Club of Wichita Monthly Newsletter for Members and British Iron Enthusiasts
BCCW Newsletter April Fool's Issue, but containing serious articles about British and Other cars & cycles, including FOR SALE Cars, & Parts of cars. Issue includes recap of previous events & swap meets, articles on current race car builds in progress by member Hank Brillhart, an AH 3000 Restoration by Rod MacLean. This month an article about the invention of the car radio by Merry Beckham and a WARNING submitted by Curtis Haynes on wiring smoke levels. 1 Car Show on Apr 15 is upcoming in nearby Derby Ks with People's Choice and 5 additional award trophies, the 18th Greater Ozarks Car Show in June, the 19th Ann Showdown at Ks Star Casino arena in June by Mulvane Marauders, and 1 MG 2017 Convention in San Diego in June.